3 Ways to Speed Up Your Rental Process

Renting a home isn’t always considered to be fun or easy. But when you’ve got the materials you need and a mind-set to treat others and a property with respect, it could very simply be both. Most importantly, when you need a home, you often want to find it, move in, and get settled as fast as you can. Hiccups can prevent that, but being prepared can make it happen.  

Get your documents together: Any property management company will require some combination of information and documentation before approving you to move into a home or apartment. With Sky Management, we require two forms of identification, a completed application, proof of income, and a $30 application fee for every adult on the potential lease. Walking into the office with these forms will ensure the fastest result for getting approved or denied.  

Prepare your references: Most property management companies will check your references, to protect property owners and their investment. It’s a good decision to prepare your references by letting them know to expect our call. If we have trouble tracking them down, or if they don’t call us back, it slows down your approval process. 

Have your deposit ready: Sky Management, along with almost every other property management company, will look to collect a portion or all of the security deposit with your application, before you can be approved to move in. Having these funds available in the full amount to be turned in with your application fee assures that it can be approved in the shortest time.  

We know that getting approved and settled into your new home gets you back on track and finding your sense of normalcy sooner. Whether that’s as a single adult, or for your family, we want to help you get to that happy place as soon as possible. If you have more questions about what you can have readily available to speed up the process even further, give us a call or stop by our office today. We look forward to starting this process with you.