Property owners can check profit, loss, bills, rent due and other property specific info in the Owner Portal.


We want long-term, prosperous relationships with owners. Our team of property management professionals is passionate about making your property work for you. We share your interest in getting the most out of an investment. Because we don’t make money unless your property is rented, our staff of trained leasing professionals is always working to attract ideal renters. Our leasing and maintenance departments are motivated to maintain longevity in your property’s value.

Sky Management is accountable to you, the property owner, acting as onsite caretakers for larger complexes, managing the required accounting and tenant relations, handling maintenance, repairs, and upgrading management as needed. We are available to the property owner 24/7, and able to communicate as much, or as little, as you desire, while providing a cushion of expertise so that no matter how often you hear from us, your investment is in good hands.




We take managing your investment(s) seriously. Whether it’s a house, a few apartments, or a larger community, we manage with competence and discretion, sharing your desire to balance upkeep (or upgrades,) with cash flow.

Your investment is something we take seriously, so our team manages that, whether it’s a house or apartment complex, with both competence and discretion, sharing your desire to balance property maintenance with managed cash flow. We serve as your eyes on the ground, accountable for what we see from a repair and upkeep standpoint. We oversee maintenance, whether it’s completed by our employees or by a subcontractor. We routinely work with insurance companies to submit claims on our owners’ behalf. All owners receive monthly statements of financial status.

To further protect your investment, we execute regular formal inspections, and train our team to monitor properties and proactively address issues. From addressing nuisance pets to well kept grounds, we provide a seeing-is-believing type of approach to put any owner’s mind at ease. Your property is in caring hands. All communication with the tenants comes from our team at Sky Management, so even if you live nearby, you can maintain your privacy and let us handle the work.


As you turn over your investment to us, we offer the following services within that agreement:

  • Understanding your plans and goals for the property and act accordingly.
  • Thoroughly and repeatedly inspecting each property to help maintain a high standard of quality for tenants.
  • Ensuring that maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are completed, including the purchase of appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment.
  • Reviewing and managing service contracts.
  • Advertising vacancies using a variety of media and tailored marketing.
  • Guiding prospective tenants through the application process in accordance with fair housing laws.
  • Incorporating each owner’s direction, in accordance with fair housing laws.
  • Safeguarding tenant and prospective tenant personal information.
  • Promoting good tenant relations.
  • Collecting rent and other income in strict compliance with the terms of the lease.
  • Delivering legal notices as necessary.
  • Using court actions to enforce the lease as necessary.
  • Facilitating appraisals and inspections on the owner’s behalf.
  • Collaborating with the owner’s real estate brokers or act as owner’s real estate broker in property purchases and sales (subject to separate agreements and commissions).

We also perform the following accounting functions:

  • Comprehensive monthly and annual financial statements.
  • Year-to-date income and expenses, as needed.
  • Retain records as required by law.
  • Provide onsite caretakers for larger property complexes.


For property owners, we work to make sure that your experience with our team is both enjoyable and fruitful, so we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we’ve answered in the past to help you make the best decision about getting the most out of your investment property. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If you have more questions or want more details on anything you read here, our leasing professionals are available to talk to you today. Stop in our office, or give us a call. We look forward to helping you find your new home, today!


One of our fundamental strategies is to share your priorities, so we understand that renting your property is what helps us continue to be successful. For that reason, if we don’t rent your property, we don’t get paid.

Here is what we do charge:

  • 10 percent of the rent collected, plus applicable taxes (New Mexico gross receipts tax).
  • Maintenance fees for repairs and upgrades not charged to tenants per the lease agreement.
  • Advertising costs (passed through).
  • Start-up costs if a property coming to our management is not ready to rent.
  • Court filing costs, initially paid by the owner and are billed to the tenant. The owner is reimbursed when the tenant satisfies the judgment.
  • A reserve for each property, varying by property type.