At Sky Management, we’ve curated a talented group of leasing professionals who work with renters and property owners to ensure the leasing experience is fruitful for both parties. We strive for excellence and set quality standards across the board so that our tenants as well as owners are taken care of. We understand that this is an investment, and we work closely to maintain that investment through a sense of community and enriched lifestyle. Meet the team members who help us make that possible.

Crystal Copsin

Hello, my name is Crystal Copsin and I work in Tenant Relations. I am a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico and have worked in property inspection, management, and collections for over 10 years.  I’m a single mother of 3 daughters; a very ambitious fitness competitor; and fitness trainer. Most of my free time is spent training or attending rodeos with my daughters.

Paula Garcia

Hello, my name is Paula Garcia and I am the receptionist. I have worked in property management for almost nine years and have had the opportunity to learn many roles in the process.  I’ve worked on accounts, been an onsite property manager, and a Leasing Professional.  I am the mother of two daughters.  I am dedicated to my family and a healthy lifestyle.

Matthew Jaramillo

Hello my name is Matthew Jaramillo, I am a graduate of the University of New Mexico and the first of my family to accomplish this. My degree is in Communications with a focus in Marketing and Advertising. This helps me market properties as a Leasing Professional. I am an avid workout enthusiast, and outdoorsman. I spend what extra time I have with family and friends enjoying the small things in life.

Leonard Mora

Hello my name is Leonard Mora. Before becoming a Leasing Professional, I worked in Sky Management’s maintenance group. At the time of this writing, I’m Sky Management’s newest father – my newborn daughter is being celebrated by the whole team.

Britney Sargent

Hello, my name is Britney Sargent and I worked in healthcare before joining Sky Management. I have an MA in Radiology and worked in the field for four years. Volunteering for Breast Cancer fundraisers, which I’ve done for fifteen years, is still very important to me. Both healthcare and property management have been influential in my family, and I’m excited about my new career path as a Leasing Professional. I look forward to helping people in a new way.

Skyler Sargent

Hello my name is Skyler Sargent, and I’m the maintenance manager for Sky Management. I graduated from NMSU where I majored in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and played defensive end for the football team. I worked for Marriott International and Discount Tire prior to this career. My pride is my family. I married my childhood sweetheart, and we have two children. Our household is filled with music and sports. I coach youth basketball, flag football, and baseball teams.

Jennifer Skoog

Hello my name is Jennifer Skoog. I have been a part of the Sky Management Accounting team for eight years. I have worked in the field of accounting for fifteen years. My husband and I met while both employed by Sky. He has since changed careers, making me an Albuquerque Firefighter’s wife. I enjoy traveling the world with my best friends and spending time with my nieces and nephews.

Dylan Sullivan

Hello, my name is Dylan Sullivan. Being a leasing professional is my newest step in property management after working in landscaping and maintenance. I am a single Dad, born and raised in New Mexico. I really enjoy helping people and communities, so this role fits me well.

Vanessa Vasquez

Hello my name is Vanessa Vasquez. I have been a Sky Management Account Representative for ten years. I am a New Mexico native. I enjoy seeing live music, especially local bands, and am dedicated to health and fitness.

Mike Westphal

Hello, my name is Mike Westphal and I’m the Qualifying Broker. I have an engineering background and have practiced real estate since 2006. My wife and I are real estate investors and were introduced to Sky Management when we bought an investment property that they managed. They still manage that property plus some additional properties for us. Investing in real estate allows us to support our education, travel, sports and recreation.